Monday, May 20, 2013

Brag Sheet

What I've done that I'm proud of is the commitment to stay in school and try my best to making my family happy with bringing in good grades and a good reputation.

  • Academic achievements: I'm more than proud to say I currently have a GPA of 3.6 and aim to get to a 3.8 or higher. When I was a freshman I received a Golden Warrior Award in my Earth Science class.
  • Club: I've attended the boy's & girl's club when I was in  elelmentary and spend a good time there.
  • Volunteer: I've volunteered in Riverview after school program near where I live, and I helped out elementary kids develop, and help them on their assignments as well as play and give them a good time. I've volunteered as well in church by helping out in a car wash and BBQ for a fundraiser and I help out in the nursery room when my turn comes.
  • Languages: I was raised in a Spanish speaking home as including my surrounding friends. But grew up at age 2 in America were I learned English . And in Righetti I've took 2 yrs. of French so I have some of that language as well.
  • Skills: I have came to realize I have skills for example I have the complete patience to do my own acrylic nails , hair, & make-up. I've gotten many nice compliments which motivates me to aim for that career.
  • Certificates (Awards): I've earned many certificated throughout my school years and as well as in church. In junior high I would earn Honor Roll certificates.
  • Travel: I haven't been to many far places but I've gone to San Diego for a re-treat of my church and it's surroundings which was an awesome experience. To Santa Barbara for many appointments and the zoo. To L.A, and every beach in Oceano.
  • Interest: My major interest are beauty related activities I love doing my own nails and being creative trying new things and soon to experience working on other people, and love drawing.

Thursday, May 16, 2013


Johnny was a guy who was really intelligent for the fact that he has megabytes of data stored in his mind. And holds a lot of information that is very dangerous. Ralph who stored this chip in Johnny's head is trying to set a contract with him , but he still has a plan to kill him. Johnny meets Molly and she helps him escape of the death that waits for him. They go to Nighttown. Ralph hires an assassin to kill Johnny with a squid but kills Ralph first and Johnny tells Molly to finally use the squid to remove the data from his head.

Friday, May 10, 2013


This was really cool how I can just say anything I want to myself and choose the time I want my letter to be received I've never heard of this but it's a good way to remind you of everything. & I'm pretty sure It'll help me in some way (:

You have just written an e-mail to the future on - nice work!

Before we go ahead and send your message off to the future, we need you to confirm that this is indeed your email address.

Please do so by visiting this url:

Wednesday, May 1, 2013


  • Lazzaro a good friend of Weary (billy's friend) tells Billy that he was going to get revenge on him for killing Weary , but Weary actually died of some infection on his foot
  • Billy knows how his death will be, and is shot in the head
  • Travels then to the war and were taken to Schlachthof Funf known as Slaughter House Five and was described as a beautiful place

CHP. 5

  • Billy was reading a book of the Tralfamadorians but could not understand it there were just stars.
  • He goes back in time where he was visiting the Grand Canyon with his parents and almost died of being scared.
  • Traveled to a mental hospital he was in and was said to be crazyy
  • Then back to the Tralfamadorians zoo and found out he has been there for 6 months !
  • He marrys valencia and travels again to the planet and the mates with one of there species infront of them.

CHP. 4

  • There was a night were billy couldn't sleep so he got up and went to his backyard where then the Tralfamadorians take him to their ship
  • He travels in time to when he was a baby
  • When he traveled back to the war he wanted to go to sleep but no one wanted him laying on them because he acts like a baby

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Chp. 3 Notes

  • Billy is very polite when he and Weary are captured by soldiers
  • He starts remembering things that are happening in the war and that relate to things in his past.
  • Billy instead of worrying about there capture worries about bumping into Weary every now and then
  • Weary has to wear horrible boots and starts bleeding!
  • He meets his old friend Bob again
  • But then Bob dies of pneumonia